Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank Heaven for Jelly Beans

Last Thursday I was at my mother-in-laws with Landon and Brooklyn. We were packing up the kids in the car so we could leave when a neighbor walked up. We chatted for a bit since Brooklyn was happy in the car and Landon sat in the front seat and "drove" the car.

All of a sudden I hear the car lock. I whip around and start to freak out, but then Helen points out that we left the back door open. PHEW! We continue to talk when I glance over and see Landon pick up a wrapper. I suddenly realize that I had eaten a pack of peanut butter crackers on the way here and I thought there was one left. Since Landon is allergic to peanuts, naturally I run to the front door and try to open it, but remember it was locked. I fly around the car and in my haste to reach the front passenger door, I slammed the back door shut.

Oh...my...gosh. Did I really just do that?? What an idiot! Luckily there weren't any crackers left so there was so immediate danger. And Brooklyn was happy as a clam which was a major bonus. The neighbor ran to her house and grabbed a big tub of jelly beans, while Helen and I tried to get Landon to unlock the door. When we offered him the candy he scrambled over the seats and plopped himself in his car seat. Any other time I would have busted up laughing. He was trying to be so good to get the candies. It really only took a few minutes to get him to unlock the door, thank goodness.

I can't believe how lucky we were. You always hear of horror stories where kids get locked in the car for hours and they are crying and undoubtedly the mom is crying too. I learned my lesson though...don't put your bag in the car until you are ready to go (unless you have a bunch of jelly beans handy)!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pure Inspiration

I found a blog that touched me so profoundly that I felt I must share it others. It is about a woman who lost a child. A sweet 8 week old little boy named Gavin. I was brought to tears as I read her story. I was amazed at her strength and faith in the Lord. I can't imagine going through something as heart breaking as losing a child. I think I would be angry. Just angry. How could you go on? When that sweet spirit could not move with you? I am inspired, by her poetry like writing, to be better. To cherish the important things in life. To kiss more often and hug a little longer.To thank our Heavenly Father everyday for the many good things with which I have been blessed. I hope you are as inspired by her story as I was. Thank you Natalie, for allowing us to enter your heart, and hope and grieve with you.

"Have you ever watched a caterpillar
form a chrysalis?

. . .

emerge a butterfly?

It is miraculous.

The caterpillar,
creates this tiny sack. . .
and I mean tiiiiiiiiny compared to the ginormity
of his caterpillar body.

he seals his LARGE body inside.

It seems physically impossible.

probably because it is.

physically impossible.

the chrysalis sits.
and sits.
and sits.

all alone.


subject to wind and rain
and all kinds of natural elements that would seek its destruction.

then one day, up you look.
and there,
is this absolutely beautiful butterfly.

perfect in every.way.

utterly impossible. . .

except that it's not.

Reminds me of something. . .

squashed by the realities that are unique to a fallen world.

feeling utterly alone.

then one day,
out of what seems like nowhere,
we'll emerge.

beautiful butterflies.

What an awesome God he is"

Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Boy Bed

We gave up the crib and moved Landon to a twin. He loved it and actually slept through the night as well as a nap.

Of course this new bed merited some jumping. He just kept saying "So Excited!".

Four Eyes

Doctor said that I was far-sided, which generally means good vision, but viewing things up close was like running a marathon without shoes. The glasses are supposed to be the shoes. Funny enough there is still a lot of debate about how it might actually be better for you to run a marathon barefoot.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Look who's laughing now!