Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Evening At The Park

Let's race down the slide!
Landon kept trying to push Kimbre off the slide!
Matthew got himself a little stuck

Landon and I went to the park tonight with my brother Joel and his wife Mary. They have three children: Matthew, Kathryn and Kimbre. Landon absolutely loved the slide. I only had to show him how to go down it once and he immediately figure it out. All I had to do was sit him at the top of the slide and he would scoot forward until he went down. When I took him on the big slide I thought he would be a little scared, but he was laughing all the way down. We had a blast.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dance Fever

We found a show that is like Barney, but cooler. It is called Hip Hop Harry. It is Landon's new favorite show. In fact it is the only show he will watch. So now all we have to do is mention Hip Hop Harry and Landon gets ready to bust out his dance moves. He loves the music during the show.

Look Who's Walking Now

Friday, October 24, 2008


We went bowling with our good friends Kelly and Jeff this week. It was a lot of fun! Landon loved watching the bowling ball hit the pins. We couldn't get him to take his eyes off them.

Tracy Aviary

We went to the aviary the other day and had an absolute blast. It was free because of UEA weekend and so we thought we would take advantage. We were surprised by how alert Landon was. When we first walked in, a peacock walked right in front of him and he got so excited. The rest of the day he would point to EVERY bird we saw (which was a lot) and exclaim, "B" (translation: bird!).

Our Third Anniversary

September 24th was our third wedding anniversary. We decided that were weren't going to get anything for each other this year, but of course we each did something small. I decided to make Sean skor cake (his favorite). I was already stressed that day trying to get everything done. I was finishing up Sean's cake when I realized that it was very quiet all of a sudden, and with a 9 month old, that is rare. I turn around to see Landon with one of the cascade 2 in 1 dish detergent packets in his mouth. For those of you who don't know, those things dissolve incredibly quickly when they become wet. So I freak out and grab Landon and try to wash his mouth out. Two seconds later he throws up all over the kitchen. I promptly called poison control and was relieved that the detergent wasn't harmful to him, but it will upset his stomach (yeah, no kidding). So Sean had the privilege of coming home to his wife and son smelling of rancid Mac 'n' Cheese, puke all over the kitchen, the cat eating the puke, and me crying. Eventually we got it all cleaned up though. We dropped Landon off at Grammy's and made it to dinner. We ate at our traditional place, The Roof, which is where we went when Sean proposed. We had a great time at dinner, and the mess before makes for a great story!

Happy Birthday Sean

Sean celebrated his 31st birthday this month. We went out to dinner a couple days before because Sean had to teach late at ITT Tech the night of his birthday. I decided to decorate his car while he was in class to surprise him. It turned out really well I think. He was very surprised.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Jenny tagged me and I am supposed to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder of my pictures. So the one of Sean with the glasses is actually the fourth picture, but I had to post some others because they are just too funny not to. We got them off a site called yearbookyourself.com in case anyone wants to try it out.
Now I tag Robyn, Shannon, Kelly, Liza and Lahren