Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pool Party

Monday, July 7, 2008

Yerg Update

Landon has discovered finger foods! He is always eyeing EVERYTHING we eat and he feels like such a big boy now that he can eat with us. His latest favorite is saltine crackers, but this picture was taken after I gave him a biscuit to eat. Those things dissolve so fast...they make such a mess!

This darling pic was taken when we were at Robyn and Brian's house. Their little boy, Hayden, was being so cute with Landon. He wanted so badly to give Landon a hug, but Landon didn't like that idea too much.

Landon has never been one to cuddle, but in the past few weeks he has started to a little bit. Every once in a while he will fall asleep while we are holding him. I caught this picture after we had taken Landon swimming. I guess it wore the boys out.

Sean has been using his free time to play a little ball. It is just a church softball league, but we have some pretty athletic guys in our ward and the team is actually pretty good. Sean has a good time playing and Landon and I love to watch and cheer him on.

And of course with Juliette in town we have to do some shopping. We found these fabulous Nichole Richie sunglasses and couldn't pass up a picture opportunity.

Happy 4th of July

Sean and I after fireworks with the city lights in the background.

This is the whole gang, including the Nevada Yergs who came up for the weekend.

Juliette came to watch the Real soccer game/fireworks with us. Landon was a little scared of the fireworks but he did pretty well.

The Funniest Blog

Thank you Kelly for your most recent post. If you are mormon or live in Utah it is worth a look! I am just passing it on... http://seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com/ ...have a good laugh!